School has been let out. Yay! I have been released from my cage! I have served my sentence at this prison and here I am, left to roam free and to do whatever I please. No more waking up at six o’clock in the morning (such an ungodly hour) and rolling around until I know that I can procrastinate waking up no longer. Instead, I stay up and see the wee hours of the morning with my two eyes that very few witness. Drawing (attempting to) and writing is what I do, with the occasional movie squeezed in.

The beautiful late morning arrives, but where am I? Sleeping in and most likely drooling all over my poor pillow.

Oh, believe me, sleeping in is nice, but not when one gets to sleep in everyday. Sleeping in is a treat when Saturday arrives after a long, stressful week of school. These days I get up at around twelve o’clock in the afternoon and eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast (lunch). The heat of the day has already settled in, and I have passed up the opportunity to sit out on our porch and enjoy the beautiful cool morning.

Breakfast (lunch) is over, so now I head to the computer and fiddle around with it for an hour, trying to waste time. Time to get off the computer and I scold myself for being on for so long and staring at that screen for so long. I lift myself up, and head to the family room where I begin staring at a screen once again.

Yes, it is a blessing that school is out for two months – but what do the people in the world expect me to do with my time? Sure, I keep myself busy sometimes. Reading (a lot!) and writing are my two main time-wasters and passions. I miss my friends – not being able to see them everyday is boring. They add spice to an otherwise not spicy soup. I miss my boyfriend (gosh! It has been two weeks since I have seen him!) and not being able to see him everyday. Where are they? Definitely doing something more exciting than me.

I love that I do not have to go to school everyday for two whole months, but I kind of miss the structure and routine that the school year provides.

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