Me, Myself & I

I lead a simple, enjoyable life. I am fortunate to have a family that is all together – not ripped apart. I have brothers that love me and watch over me, no matter how much I hate it sometimes. Two are in college, and one of them is the one that I never get to see anymore. The other one is ALWAYS home and eats everything. He brings home dirty laundry and has me wash it for him…yeah, I love him soooo much! The third and the youngest of my brothers (older than me, I’m the baby and the angel xD) is still stuck here at home, but I barely ever see him. He is always in the “cave” (what I call our basement). His endless swearing floats up from the basement from time-to-time, escaping his mouth when he gets frustrated with Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3. Possibly even Guitar Hero III – what the heck do I know? I have learned everything I know about video games from him, thanks, bro!

Enough about the monsters, let’s focus on everything else. My parents are incredible. They are so understanding and I appreciate everything that they do for me. I know, it sounds like I am sucking up because I want something (please, please, please?!?!?) hehe, but I really don’t. They are amazing and I guess that I should tell them that more often.

I live in a small town where everyone knew everyone else in the old days, but now there are so many new people that it is hard to keep them straight. I have lived in the same house my whole life (white with blue shutters – maroon shutters as of a few weeks ago) and I enjoy it for the most part. I love my room (we redid it for my thirteenth birthday) and enjoy the many colors staring back at me every time I push open my door.

I spend nights writing – nighttime and when it is raining are the perfect times for writing poetry. They say poets have troubled souls, and what better time to write genius poetry than when it is dark and gloomy out? xD

I love music and theater so much. I have been involved in theatrical productions since the ripe age of seven, and have never stopped loving the atmosphere that the theater provides. Singing is one of my passions – one day I would love to be famous for my singing.

My iPod is practically attached to me (or, at least, I wish it was!). I cannot go very long without listening to one of my favorite bands/songs. I love music soooo much and no, I wouldn’t die without it, I would continue living, but MISERABLY. I hate it when I see that other people have misspelled a band’s name or song name – it is so disrespectful (in my opinion) and I have the urge to attempt to edit it each time I come across a misspelling.

I am a high schooler who marches to the beat of her own drummer and I do not care at all about what someone says about me. Sure, it may sting a little, but a little sting will not kill me. I dress the way I want to dress (no labels, please!) and listen to the music that I want to listen to. People don’t bother me, and I do not bother them. I run Track (I hold four school records) and Cross Country, and I have a deep passion for running, although it is very painful sometimes. In short, I come from a very nice family, I love music and theater, and I am a typical teenager. That’s Me, Myself & I for now.

One thought on “Me, Myself & I

  • you forgot the most important thing of all………..ME!! just kiddin you know i heart you though!!! great job on yur blog you are my fave little writer!!

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