Never Played

It amazed me to see how many songs there are on my iPod that I have never even listened to. I clicked on the Play Count button on the top right of my iTunes screen while in my iPod music file, and I found that my ears have not heard over forty songs come out of my iPod earbuds. I made a playlist called “Never Played” and intended to listen to that whole playlist when we went out camping that weekend; just so I could say that I have listened to every single song that is on my iPod.

I made it through the two AFI songs that I have never listened to on my iPod (I own two of their CDs, so yeah I have actually heard those two songs before) and made it to some Amber Pacific. Next was a song by Anberlin that I have never really cared for, and then Shotguns Speak Louder Than Words by Before Their Eyes. The next three songs in the playlist were all by a band that I have considered myself a big fan of: Bullet For My Valentine. I love their first CD The Poison so much, but these three songs were all from their new album, Scream Aim Fire. I drowned in disappointment when I listened to these specific songs. All three of them sounded exactly the same: loud guitars, loud bass and a headache-inducing beat. I understand that Matt Tuck – the lead singer – underwent surgery concerning his voice, but that really is no excuse for how bland his voice now sounds to me. The lyrics, as usual, were meaningful, but I couldn’t quite believe how all three of these new songs of theirs sounded exactly the same.

I got home from camping, and deleted those three songs from my iPod and added some Kate Nash instead.

Note: I am still in the process of listening to every song on my iPod at least once. Those songs I do not care for are being deleted. I deleted The Fight Song by Marilyn Manson featuring Slipknot the other day because it is utter rubbish.

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