Paramore Obsession

Just to clear the air, I have been a devoted fan to Paramore for almost two years. I have been with them through the early stages of their career, and have witnessed their rise to fame after appearing on MTV. The fact that they were on MTV really – in the words of Bleeker – “cheesed me off,” but I remained loyal. I ignored all of the people at school singing Misery Business because I knew that that was the only song by Paramore that any of them knew. So far, quite a few people have told me that they know only Misery Business and Crushcrushcrush when I ask them which Paramore song they like the most. They only have two to choose from! They are not fans!

Anyways, I have an insane obsession with Paramore, and most of all, the lady herself: Hayley Williams. She is my idol and such a great inspiration and artist. I love the whole I’m a girl, but I am in a kick-ass band. The past month (boring summer) I have spent gathering as many Paramore songs as I possibly can. I have both of their CDs (I’ve had them for quite some time), but now my goal is to acquire all of the rare unreleased songs of theirs. I love hearing songs that not very many people have heard (especially since they have OH SO MANY “fans” these days). I sing along, and am in the process of compiling a Paramore tribute on Garage Band. I now have forty-six songs by Paramore. Compare that to the twenty-four that are on their two CDs. Yes, I have been doing my research. Getting acoustic versions and hearing how lovely Hayley’s voice really is is such a treat.

My dream is for my brother to take me to a Paramore concert (he has already attended one – how unfair!!!). I would love to at least meet my idol in person: the one and only Hayley Williams.


5 thoughts on “Paramore Obsession

  • Hey I was interested where do you get the unreleased Paramore songs. I have both albums as well and found that many of their unreleased songs are just as good if not better. I can’t seem to find them on any site. I checked itunes and zune marketplace and only some are there. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  • How did you get the unreleased ones? I LOVE PARAMORE but I only have the songs on their two albums, the two in twilight, and my hero. I can’t seem to find any of them. I really would like to get them because Paramore is my favorite band.

  • Omg im so hawt! and so is hayley……. i just got to say they are bad ass and idk i have no words for there kick ass band and thats hawt!!!! i hope paramore doesnt become 1 of those washed up rock bands no1 rememberz……..? (of course nawt) but yeah they r koo…..

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