Fear of the Fly-Eaters

Yes, I am one of those girls that screams at the sight of a toad. I do not like things that can hop out at me – and toads are definitely capable of doing just that. Their nasty scaly bodies and their evil little beady eyes creep me out to no end.

When my friends found out about my frog/toad phobia, they took advantage of it. I have run away from my friends screaming bloody murder because they were chasing me with frogs. Yeah, yeah, they aren’t true friends if they can do that, but it is all in good fun… I think. I will NEVER go outside on a summer night wearing flip flops or sandals of any kind. What if I end up stepping on a nasty frog and feeling its scaly body somewhere on my foot? Ugh, my skin crawls at the very thought of any kind of contact with a fly-eater.

Oddly enough, when I was younger I used to love toads. I would scoop them out of our pool and set them free gently. These days, I scoop them up in the skimmer and then dump them into the yard where hopefully our lawn mower will find them. Yes, I am cruel, but I absolutely hate them.

I think that this all started a couple of years ago when a frog laid eggs in our pool. Just looking at the jelly-like eggs was enough to make me puke. It happened twice in that one summer, and each time I watched my dad with wide eyes as he dumped them into the yard. Now I am utterly repulsed at the very idea of toads and their little offspring. Sure, tadpoles are adorable, but they turn into horribly scaly beasts.

For the time being, I go to the trouble to put on shoes and socks whenever I dare to venture into the dark summer world. If anyone chases me with a frog in their hands, you can bet that I will run away screaming yet again.

2 thoughts on “Fear of the Fly-Eaters

  • HA HA HA i dont like toads much either i used too run them over on a bike but i moved up to firecrackers dont do it so much anymore tho lol keep it up

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