Everywhere I look, she is smiling back at me. How does someone like her gain such power? One answer: her daddy. Yep, she is a perfect example of Daddy’s Little Girl. She is only famous because her dad is.

She does not have any talent. Her Disney Channel TV show is pitiful, for she cannot act. She should not be a famous singer just because her dad is too. One must have talent in order to be a famous singer, and unfortunately this is a trait that she just does not possess. Her voice is nasally and she should be banned from creating anymore CDs.

What is the deal with the whole Hannah Montana thing anyway? All she does is put on a wig, and BAM she’s a “new” person. Definitely not an improvement, that is for sure. I guess where I am going with this is that there are people out there that are definitely more talented than she is, but they will never be noticed because they just do not have the connections that she has. What a shame!!!

My friend (we’ll call her Kathy) and I went to Walmart the other day. Yes, Miss Hilton, the place where they “sell wall stuff.” Everywhere she and I looked, Miley Cyrus was smiling back. The clothing section had racks and racks of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus merchandise staring us down. I was actually scared for my life. Seeing her mousy smile everywhere I looked was absolutely frightening. Kathy and I looked through the posters and found that almost every single one of them was of either Cyrus or Montana. CHOOSE A FRIGGEN IDENTITY ALREADY!!! The cherry on top was when Kathy and I and her father and sister went into Subway, and just as we were settling into a booth and getting ready to take a bite, Cyrus’s new single erupted through the speakers. I felt like I was about to puke.

The next time Kathy and I go to Walmart together, we are buying a cork board, a Hannah Montana poster and a pack of nice, sharp darts. We will then paste the poster to the cork board and hurl those nice, sharp darts at said poster. We decided that she does not deserve to be famous. Talentless people do not deserve to be the idol of practically every little girl in the world.


  • ooooooooooooh i sympathize it is my theory that ppl who like miley cyrus like my sister……………….or like rap dont appreciate the talent of actually playing music while singing or the talent of writing lyrics that arent always the same just in different order…………………….yeah i am sooooooooooooo with you emmie
    pyro scream

  • its just sad that this crap happens. like why does she deserve to be a “famous rock star” lol. The message she is sending little girls is you need no talent to sing.

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