When I was younger, I was majorly obsessed with a Cartoon Network program famously known as The Powerpuff Girls. Because we did not have cable (we were old fashioned back then), my parents bought me Powerpuff Girls episodes on videotapes. I had the books, the tee shirts, the pajama sets, the purses, the bookbags, and even a huge collection of the three dolls. From second grade until about the fifth grade, I was PPG obsessed.

This obsession all started the summer before second grade. The August of that summer, my family went on our annual trip to the Erie County Fair. I used to save up money all year long just to spend at the fair. I ended up playing one of those games where you have to shoot water into a minuscule hole from a pretty great distance. With my mom’s help with aiming the squirt gun, I won. I chose the prize with big eyes: Bubbles The Powerpuff Girl.

I carried this big squishy doll all around the fair that day, not knowing a single thing about her. Soon after the fair, I finally discovered her identity. With this discovery came my obsession with these three little girls that were in kindergarten at the time, and still are in kindergarten.

I got a Powerpuff Girl sketchbook, and with it, I learned how to draw my favorite characters. I had a poster of them hanging on my wall, and read their books constantly. My friend and I used to argue about who was better: Blossom or Bubbles? Her favorite being Blossom, and mine being the adorable little creature that is Bubbles. I remember that I bought a PPG purse one day, and when I showed it to her, she told me that The Powerpuff Girls weren’t cool anymore. I stopped wearing the clothes, I stopped reading the books, and I took the poster down.

Just a few months ago, I got all of my PPG tapes out again and watched them all. There is a particular episode called Meet The Beat-Alls (an episode where practically all of the lines are derived from Beatles’ songs) that I did not understand until I got it out and watched it again a few months ago. I found my old PPG poster, and it is now adorning my wall, just like it used to. I absolutely adore The Powerpuff Girls again. They are adorable, and I cannot believe that I actually let them go back in the fifth grade. Yes, I am in high school, and yes, I love the Powerpuff Girls. As of now, I am searching for a PPG shirt that will fit me (no success yet). I want to show off my PPG love.

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