If Only…

I enter the big performance room, and see only a big mass of people crowded in front of the stage. People of all sorts surround me: tall, short, fat, skinny, young, old…now I must face the stupid reality that I am not Paramore’s only fan.

I take my Paramore merchandise-clad body and shove through the crowd until I have a decent view of the stage. I am deafened by the cheering of the people around me, but when I look up at the stage, I begin screaming my head off as well. There they are: Zac, Josh, Jeremy and Hayley – right in front of me. I make it so that my hand is reaching out to the stage, and Hayley gives me a high five. I am NEVER washing my hands again.

In the middle of their performance, Hayley sees me singing along to their songs and must have heard my voice. “C’mon up here and sing with me!” she says and reaches out for me with her hand. I grab her hand, and climb onto the stage. I grab the extra microphone that was thrown out to me by the stage crew, and begin singing along. The bright lights shine down on me as my voice sings as loud as I allow it.

I put my hand up to shield my eyes from the white lights, and when I bring my hand back down all I see is the sun. I look around and realize that it was just a daydream. If only…

One thought on “If Only…

  • Concert-Going Cardinal Sin No. 1: Going to a show wearing anything, especially a T-shirt, of a band that’s playing that same show.

    Careful where you’re going with that one.

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