Everybody is Toast!

Thank you, Nickelodeon, for introducing the genius that is Jimmy Neutron to the world. Back before we had cable (the Stone Age), my parents purchased the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie on a videotape for us kids to enjoy. I was excited to watch the movie, and one of my brothers was excited to watch the bonus music video that featured Angel Carter. “She’s so hot!” he’d say. (Note: this was before he found out that she is Aaron Carter’s little sister.)

My favorite part in the whole movie was when the toast popped out of Jimmy’s satellite and Ooblah responded with: “Hellllllllooooo, Toast! I greatly admire your ship!” I just thought that the way he welcomed the toast was comical and unforgettable. I still have not forgotten about it, hence the meaning of this blog entry.

A few months back, a commercial came out with the people in it saying: “‘Ello, Govna!” Well, instead of Govna, I have always said Toast! Every time I walk into a room, I greet everybody simply by saying a cheerful “‘Ello, Toast!” and it applies to everyone in that room. At first people questioned my randomness. They would ask, why toast? and why am I toast? I respond with: “EVERYBODY IS TOAST!!!” My family has gotten used to it. My mother and even one of my brothers has been caught saying my little Emily-ism when entering a room. My grandparents look at me funny when I say it, but then they just nod and laugh and go along with it. I have had many a Emily-ism come and go over the past few years, but I am determined that Toast shall stay.

Them: Why Toast?

Me: Why not toast?

One thought on “Everybody is Toast!

  • Well since we all are toast I must put my individuality on it.
    Everyone may be toast but I shall always be your toast with a full spread of butter and on top is half red raspberry jelly and on the other side is chunky peanut butter.. [[barely any at all]]

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