Setting the pace

When I do not feel like hearing nature on a run, I just plug into my iPod and take off. Here are songs that help me through a long, exhausting run; derived from my “Workout Tunes” playlist.

“Bleeding Mascara” – Atreyu

“Bodies” – Drowning Pool (Really gets me pumped!)

“Milkshake” – Goodnight Nurse (A cover of the song by Kelis, but in my opinion a hell of a lot better.)

“Sydney” – Halifax

“Love Me Or Hate Me” – Lady Sovereign

“Frontline” – Pillar

“Come On Eileen” – Save Ferris (A cover of the old ’80s tune by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.)

“Calling All Cars” – Senses Fail

“Don’t Hold Back” – The Sleeping

“Crank That (Screamo)” – I Set My Friends On Fire

“Fat Lip” – Sum 41

“All About Us” – t.A.T.u.

“Prayer Of The Refugee” – Rise Against

“Injection” – Rise Against

“Vertigo” – Marianas Trench

“What I Always Wanted” – Kittie

“My Curse” – Killswitch Engage

“The Running Free” – Coheed and Cambria

“Becoming The Bull” – Atreyu

“Stiff Kittens” – Blaqk Audio

One thought on “Setting the pace

  • Bleeding mascara
    Fat lip
    Prayer of a Refugee
    My curse
    Becoming the Bull…


    ‘specially Prayer of a refugee. If I ran to that I would do a little skip jump when the chorus comes on. Ha Ha, that is how everyone knows I am a deranged, grade-A loser. XD

    I love Fat Lip because it is so rebellious and so 90’s punk!!!
    Happy punk :] makes me smile :]]]]

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