Two left feet…? Or…?

Musical rehearsals at my school have begun. This year our production is going to be Aida, and is definitely a lot more challenging than the show we put on last year (High School Musical). I got called back to try out for the lead (Aida), but one of my good friends got it over me. It is okay though, she is a year older than I am, so seniority sort of comes in to play.

Anyway, instead, I was cast as a featured dancer. I have always told people that I have two left feet. I have never been able to just get up and dance, having to take the time to learn everything step-by-step. This year is different. The dancing is so unique and hard, but I have been able to grasp it more easily than I ever have before. Maybe it is because I can actually breathe when I am standing on the stage this year. Last year, we had close to eighty people in our production of High School Musical, and there was barely enough stage to accommodate everybody. This year is better. Our choreographer (AMAZING) made up all of the moves to the musical on her own, and she hasn’t had to repeat herself. Last year, there were so many people talking, that instructions had to be repeated again and again and again.

It is a rather small cast, yes, (barely thirty), but I think that it is going to be wildly successful and definitely a nice change from last year’s hectic number. We also have a new director who has been great so far, and seems to be able to handle all of the chaos and late hours better than our last teacher.

I found out today that I actually don’t have two left feet like I thought I did. I just have never been able to focus as well as I did today. There were always people talking backstage and other distractions, but so far, this year has been a lot better.

In the words of our last teacher, and the teacher before her: “On with the show!” xD

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