Polka-dots with nowhere to go (possibly)

Homecoming today. Am I excited? Yeah, kind of. I have a pretty black and white polka-dotted dress that deserves a night out, but the way my body is reacting is telling me to stay in and not go.

I did not even realize I was sick. A few days ago I felt horrible, but I did not let it stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I did not go to cross-country practice that day, but I did end up going to musical rehearsal. I arrived in the chorus room, and was told by many a person that I looked extremely pale. Guess they realized that I was not faking my sickness.

I ended up feeling better as the night wore on at rehearsal, but for some reason my throat was hurting like crazy, and we had not even been doing that much singing! It wasn’t the normal sore throat either. Every time I swallowed, I felt a numbing pain in my esophagus and the back of my mouth.

I went to school the next day and felt fine. My throat was still in pain, but I ignored it and carried on. Last night I did not even realize I was sick until my mom came home and told me that I didn’t look so good. She put her hand on my forehead, and what she felt proved that I wasn’t feeling very well. Hot tears that I could not control ran down my face from the pain in my ears and my throat.

I took some NyQuil and drifted off into a blissful slumber under the comfort of my heated blanket.

I was going to do SOMETHING with my friends after Homecoming, but because I cannot even stand up without feeling dizzy, I probably won’t. I’ll end up coming straight home afterwards and falling into a deep sleep.

I am just glad that I wasn’t feeling like this a year ago.

One thought on “Polka-dots with nowhere to go (possibly)

  • emmiilyyy!! aw, my sick lady face :(.

    as a reply to your mess:
    yes, i love not rhyming…i will sometimes make my poems rhyme, but for the most part, NO SIR

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