The polka-dots had a lovely night out

Despite feeling like crap all day yesterday, I was able to make it through my mother’s vicious make-over and hair pulling. (Okay, I overexaggerated on that a lot hehe – it really was not that bad.) A few of my brother’s and my friends came over, and we took pictures (I hurriedly got dressed in order to make it into them). After they left, make-up was applied, a couple of pills were taken (I had/have a horrible ear ache), and I was out the door.

I met up with friends inside the gymnasium at a table to watch the coronation, and then a few of us went back outside to take pictures next to the tree out front. We went back in, I met up with my “date,” and off we went into the gym to have a good time.

I found that it was fun to go single. I danced with whomever I wished and actually got in on the dancing to the rap and hip hop songs (and I found that I actually knew the words to a few of ’em). I went from group to group and danced with all of my friends and had a really great time. Everyone loved my dress, and it is just so much fun to see all of your friends all dressed up when you normally see them in everyday clothes. All of my “girlfriends” looked gorgeous, and every guy looked handsome.

Despite not being able to hear out of one ear, I had a really bitchin’ time (in the words of Juno).

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