The future does not look bleak (to me) anymore

I don’t like it and I don’t want to, but I am growing up. I am already thinking about what college I would like to go to, and my ears perk up whenever I hear about a school with an excellent journalism program. I do not necessarily wish to be a journalist, I just want to write all the time!

I am pretty much just flushing my dreams of being a famous singer down the toilet. Yes, it is something I want terribly, but maybe I will get around to it after I get my thirst to write quenched. Or, I just had a thought. What if I become a famous poet and use my poetic skills to write songs? Then I could get a band together and just sing my heart out.

Lately I have been wondering about St. Bonaventure University for college. My brother Jordan is a senior there, and I could very easily stay down there for a weekend with him and get a taste of college life (this does not involve the taste of beer which I know is consumed there on a regular basis).

My mother informed me that she talked to Jordan about my wish to visit Bonaventure, and he might be able to take me to his classes in the very near future. Sitting through classes sounds boring, I know, but I am actually pretty stoked and cannot wait to find out more details for this exciting trip. She also said the Dean at Bona keeps a close eye on the writers of NeXt, and I happen to be a correspondent. St. Bonaventure is a college I never even knew about until Jordan mentioned it after being set on Syracuse University. Perhaps it is the college I shall attend in the very near future? It is definitely presenting itself as a possible possibility. (Haha.)

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