An experience in Elma

We had our Sectionals meet yesterday at Elma Meadows. I was included in the prediction of people to make States, but, alas, the prediction was wrong. I got 13th (technically 11th) instead of fifth…which was what I was aiming for. It is okay though. The boys’ team made it, so I am still going down to Long Island to watch my friends and my brother run at Sunken Meadows State Park (I still wish I could run there, though… *sulks*).

My brother Trevor was there with his college cross-country coach and a few friends. His friend Josh had made a banner that said “BRENNA” for a girl he knew who ended up winning her race. Well, he asked Trevor to help him hold it, so, of course, Trevor said “sure!” He also said that I would be angry that he didn’t make ME a banner, but it’s not like I would ever find out. Right as he said this, a photographer from The Buffalo News came along and took a picture of them holding the banner. Guess his secret’s out (my mother told me this, I obviously was not there).

Open your copy of The Buffalo News to the second page (Sports section, I think…) and check out Trevor and Josh holding a banner for Brenna. I think that it is funny as all hell. =)

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