Aging is a tiresome process

Yes, it is exciting to be growing up and moving along in the world…but I am also extremely nostalgic. I miss the days where the only thing I cried about was a paper cut or something. Mommy would then kiss it and make it all better. She can’t do that for everything…

I have reached the age of the people I used to stare at and have great respect for when I was younger. If there was a high school student around, she/he was automatically cool – no questions asked. I wondered today if the little girls all around me were looking up to me in awe like I used to do whenever the “big” kids were around. It seems to me as if I will never reach the level of coolness. Right now, college kids are cool to me. The ones that attend school in the city, and sit around in cafes all day drinking lattes and typing on a laptop that is literally in their lap.

My birthday is tomorrow…and though I am one of the youngest in my grade, I feel old. Maybe it is because I have always believed that I am wise beyond my years, but I really wish I could go back in time and be worry-free. Growing up is no fun. I am sick of looking at the clock all the time; watching time pass is so tiresome. Seeing all of those old people at the spaghetti dinner tonight made me wonder why we yearn to grow up when we are young. I always wanted to be a “big” kid – but now I wish my brothers would have warned me about its many “desirable” qualities. *sigh*

Yes, tomorrow will be fun…but at 6:57 in the morning I will be a whole year older. An even bigger girl than I am now.

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