Here today, gone tomorrow

My birthday is over. Today came and went. Hello… goodbye! (Don’t mind the date on this post, it is still November fifth, I just haven’t gotten around to changing the time on my blog.)

In every class today, we either had a quiz or a test. Luckily, I have a very good feeling about all of the tests/quizzes that I took today, so that won’t be a problem. What is a problem is that time moves on by way too quickly for my liking.

Today was a day just like any other…except it was supposed to be a special day. And it was, yes, but I guess that I expected everyone to bow down to me like I expect them to every year, and every year I am disappointed. I need to lower my expectations considerably.

I went to study hall first period today instead of my taking usual trek down the stairs and into the main hallway for band. Yes, band is now completely off my schedule. I began anew today, spending my entire study hall in Ms. Geist’s room instead of being in the actual room of 207.

It was a normal day. I did not wear a crown and people did not bow down to me. It came, and it went. It is here today (right now), and it shall be gone tomorrow. I got the one present that I wanted most out of anything (digital camera!) and I can go to bed tonight (well…in a few minutes) with a smile on my face. Today was a good day despite the four tests I took, and my mother’s little incident in the kitchen (maybe I will write more on this particular occurence later…). One older brother called, but didn’t ask to talk to me to wish me a happy birthday, but another older brother DID call and DID wish me a happy birthday. Guess who is the favorite brother now?

My first week of being fifteen-years-old is a pretty promising-looking one. This weekend we are going to Long Island to watch the State cross-country meet at Sunken Meadows State Park, Monday I am planning to go to a concert with a friend and his brother (MY FAVORITE BAND!!!), and Tuesday will be the day that I spend the day with Jordy at Bonaventure (possibly). After that, it’s the cast party for Aida where I will sing my “Stage Crew Boyfriend” song for Emma.

Time goes by way too fast…but I am learning to accept it and embrace the many changes ahead.

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