Drop band. Drop band. Drop band.

I did it. For my birthday (11/5/08) I received one of the best presents I could ever ask for. My mom allowed me to drop band from my schedule.

Right now as I sit in Study Hall writing on my blog, I feel no remorse or loneliness. No, there is no music pounding in my ears that my classmates’ instruments have produced, but I have to say that I do not miss it at all.

She ruined it for me, just as she has for many people before me. My two older brothers quit band together when she first arrived here at our school, and now I don’t blame them. She takes it too seriously, and honestly, I do not plan on playing the flute or the piccolo when I am older, so why not quit now?

I told my friend (he quit band quite a few years ago) that I quit, and then we talked about it for a while. He stole words right out of my mouth. He said that he loves making music (as do I), but she ruined it for him as well.

I love not having to wake up to her every morning. I love not having to brace myself for whatever mood she is in that day. I love not having to deal with people I don’t like very much. I love just sitting in Study Hall or Ms. Geist’s room and either knitting or writing. I love spending forty minutes of my day doing something that I love to do in my own time, rather than getting orders barked at me from someone standing right in front of me waving a baton like crazy.

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