All out of lives

Today was a sad day. After limping around the house for nearly a month, my cat was put to sleep.

Though his name was Pumpkin, we always called him Kitty. Have you seen Kitty anywhere? Yes, just Kitty. A month ago my mother noticed that poor Pumpkin was limping around the house, careful to not put any pressure on his left paw (I believe…). He stopped jumping up onto the couch to nuzzle us and purr – instead he remained glued to the floor, unable to even jump up onto the countertop in the bathroom to guzzle down some cat food.

We put his food dish on the floor for him, and hoped that we could put it back in the bathroom soon. Weeks passed. I would come home from school, call his name, but he would never come. “How’s Kitty doin’ today?” I would ask. “Not so good…” came the expected reply. Some days it seemed like he would be okay, and on others it seemed like everything was going downhill.

For the past week we have been shutting him in the downstairs bathroom with his food dish, water, and a nice soft bed for him to lie on (okay, it was a box with blankets in it – but hey, that’s paradise for him!). Yesterday his feet must have been hurting him terribly. My mother lifted him out of the bathroom and set him on the floor, encouraging him to walk across the Family Room. No such action occurred. Instead, Kitty slumped down and just lay there, staring at the floor with his little tongue hanging out of his mouth.

Last night was his last night with us. Whenever I came downstairs, I would pay him a visit and kiss his little head and whisper “I love you..” into his cute little ears. His eyes looked different and he looked nothing like the Kitty I have known for over half my life now. Today was to be D Day. ‘D’ for Death.

This morning was the last morning I saw him alive. I was technically late to school because I had to climb over the gate into the bathroom to kiss him one last time and tell him I love him.

He was the noisiest kitty out of the entire litter. He wouldn’t shut up, and I instantly loved him. His first night at our house was spent in our little kitty crate in my room…and he wouldn’t stop his infernal meeoooowwwwing. He definitely missed his mommy. No matter how many times I shushed him, he kept at it, mourning being taken away from his family. I got up and moved him into my parents’ room that night and then left them to have to deal with the racket.

We took him to the nursing home to visit my Great Grandma before she died. I don’t remember if Great Grandma liked it, but I do remember doing it.

His litter box used to be kept in the basement. How the heck is a cat supposed to be able to get down to the basement?!?!?!? I’ll tell you how: Pumpkin learned how to open the basement door. After perfecting this door opening talent that he possessed, he then used it on other doors throughout the house, oftentimes driving us insane when he tried to enter our rooms at three in the morning. Pumpkin opening doors became the norm around our house, but every time he did it with people around, they were always amazed. My brother’s friends couldn’t stop gushing over how awesome our cat was last winter when they stopped by to visit.

Every once in a while, Pumpkin would go BONKERS. Sometimes in the early morning, I would wake up to him pounding down on my door handle, opening the door and then running down the hallway as fast as he could. I recall chasing him around the house one time because I wanted to catch him and lock him up somewhere so he would leave me alone. His other thing to do in the middle of the night was to sneak into my room and tip over anything he could that was on my bedside table. This often included glasses of water, which would then be spilled all over the carpet. In the morning I would get out of bed and step into a big wet puddle of water that had soaked into the carpet. What a maniac.

Just this past summer, we looked outside and saw Kitty climbing around on our swingset, and finally settling down at the very very top and looking down at us all. It was the cutest thing you could have seen. Don’t worry, we have pictures.

I will miss poor little Pumpkin. He was a pain, but he was so adorable…it will take some time to get used to him not being around anymore. I bet he’s having the time of his life with some lady cat up in Kitty Heaven.

R.I.P. Pumpkin, 11/18/08

3 thoughts on “All out of lives

  • AWWW!!! Emily your poor kitty! You really almost made me cry with that story! Your so precious dear. Brittney Harrison and I were just saying on Monday how you have the cutest outfits and only you can pull them off and make them look good. I would look hidious in them, not to mention a whale, because your so tiny! We need to talk sometime, I miss you so much!!! Oh, I put you in my memories! It will read: Emily Steves: Waterfall. Am I as tall as you? 🙂 Haha yep, good times. Well I will see you sometime in the torcher chamber we attend… hehehe.
    Always Remember your Beautiful Love,
    Kelc <33

  • Oh goodness EmBem! D: Oh dear oh dear, you almost had me crying! **virtual tears** 😥 You are a dearest, EmBem. Pumpkin will always be remembered.


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