This I believe…?

I’ve decided to take a break from my knitting for a little while in order to come here to the Dell Lab at school and kick back with my blog. Colorful creations have flown out of my hands via knitting needles, and I honestly need a bit of a break before I return to them in five minutes. My pointer fingers are sore, but well worth it when I see my masterpieces all finished.

Today in English class, we were told to write an essay expressing our own personal philosophies; our beliefs. Instead of addressing the task at hand, I busied myself with some soft yellow yarn and bamboo needles. Yes, I did some work. I printed out the definition of agnostic and wrote down some ideas, but I honestly do not know what I believe.

The people who wrote some of the “This I Believe….” essays we read were all older…I think I need a little more experience with life before I write my own philosophy. I am barely fifteen-years-old and already I am being asked what I believe about this life and the world I live in. I’ve barely been out of the country, and I just haven’t seen nor do I know enough to write about what I believe. I am still questioning myself…

Oh well, some of the ideas I jotted down included the words: “music” and “lyrics” and “poetry”… perhaps I shall write my belief about how music can make a huge impact on a person’s life. I don’t know yet… X_X

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