All grown up

The boys are home for Thanksgiving. It’s as if Adam has been awakened from a long slumber. His best friends are home, and they are suddenly little boys again.

He was so excited to have them home that he cleaned out the basement so they could play hockey together again. They used to include me in their games…but maybe they think I don’t want to play with them anymore. As if I am too mature. Pshaw!

I got chills when I saw them standing next to my dad. Here’s this guy that they used to look up to their whole lives, and now if they want to look at him, they have to look down. That made me laugh because I have to look down at him now as well. As much as I do not like it, my brothers that used to tease me and tickle me and make me cry are big protector dudes now. They are all so big and tall…and grown up… I just cannot believe it.

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