Tales of the evil cupboard…RIP

The Death Cupboard has claimed yet another life. What is this Death Cupboard of which you speak, Emily? Well, the Death Cupboard is a rather handy storage unit located in our kitchen within the island… but it is known for taking lives one by one. Not human lives, but the lives of my beloved glass dishes and whatnot. RIP

You would think that we would have learned our lesson long ago when the first dish broke (I could not tell you what it was for the life of me) but alas, we did not. When retrieving an item from said cupboard, usually it is at the bottom of a rather hazardous-looking stack of glassware. Carefully, remove all items on top of desired piece, fish and hook said piece, and then return the stack of items to where they were, though they are usually shifted into a different position than before.

Now, for a half hour to an hour, the dishes that are stacked so dangerously will be fine. It’s when someone takes a heavy footstep or bumps into the island that the real danger begins. CRASH!!! Another dish gone “oh, f***!”

Gone is the threesome of nifty bowls in white and blue that came in handy for scrambled eggs and salads. All three, CRASH! Gone. (Not all in the same incident, though.) Ooops! Goodbye meatloaf/lasagna/chicken/et cetera/et cetera dish that was well loved by moi. No more cooking for you, poor littly dishy.

Yes, there has been many an incident where we have lost rather important ingredients to the recipe that is our kitchenware. Without all of the ingredients – guess what? The final product does not taste very good. We have replaced nearly everything (though we have yet to acquire another pretty threesome of bowls), but now after tonight we have yet another item to tack onto the very long list of cookware lost. Gone is our last white, round dish with the green pattern on it. RIP

Still, even after this breakage of glass, I am going to remain stacking the dishes into hazardous-looking piles. It’s the Death Cupboard’s signature look, even though it is proven to be dangerous.

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