Cheesy eggs

Words of wisdom spoken to me by my friend’s mother the other day really sunk in. We were talking about boys (what else?) as Carin and I sat at the island in her kitchen while her mother made cheesy scrambled eggs and toast for us (I love her =D). “Wow, I cannot believe that those kids are having sex – I am totally appalled” were words that were squeezed around my tongue and escaped my own mouth many a time. I stared dumbfounded at Carin as she told me things she’d heard had happened in the Middle School. My jaw dropped. Quite literally – I mean it when I say that my jaw dropped.

Our little chat over orange juice, cheesy eggs, buttered toast (TOAST!) and doughnuts really cleared things up for me. I realized that I am not ready for another boyfriend. Not now, and not for a long long time. Honestly, I don’t even feel any attraction towards any of the icky boys that are in my school anymore. I have a feeling that there are more fish in the sea – fish that are more handsome and less pressuring. I will always care for my first boyfriend ever – he was awesome and exactly what I needed, but now I just want to be friends (and only friends) with him. High School relationships add too much unnecessary stress onto my already stressful life. “Why didn’t you call last night?” “When can you come over? Oh, you can’t? We’ll figure out something!!!” Yeah, that is simply unnecessary and unwanted. I am fine being me, myself, and I for now. For my “This I Believe…” essay, I wrote myself to still be single in fifteen years – maybe that’s exactly what I want for my future. Maybe I will be better off on my own with no man creating an ugly shadow in my sunny scene of life.

2 thoughts on “Cheesy eggs

  • I love you 😀 and I want to read your “This I Believe” essay. I remember having to do one, I wonder what happened to it? Maybe J still has it… hmmm. Anyway. I do want to read yours 🙂 and I totally agree with you in this post ^^^ 🙂 except for the first boyfriend thing, but that’s a completely different set of circumstances. Anyway! I’m just babbling now, haha. I’ll see you tomorroooow.

  • I love you!!! This entry is exactly what I needed! You know 🙂 I do not remember my “I believe” essay. Mine was most likely dumb though. But I would really love to read yours!! But anyways I totally know what you mean, you have told me this advice just earlier in the locker room. I am a senior and I should have fun if I want! I do not need to be tied down, (let alone by a freshmen!! really Kelcie!! What was I thinking?! Oh right I wasn’t). Well anyways we need to talk more about this but I totally agree. To anyone out there that thinks they need a boyfriend or relationship should really think about that again, because it really is not a good idea. I mean if you are looking to fill some extra time pick up a new hobby, and not boys!!! We just need to have fun Em 🙂

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