Should have, would have, could have, but did not

Oh darn! It’s dark out now! I guess it’s too late to go for a run. Dammit! I guess I will just have to remain planted here, at the computer, writing and writing and writing.

Right now I should probably be upstairs reading some Huck Finn for English, but I am sick of boys and would rather read something concerning Gemma Doyle instead. I guess you could say that I relate to girls more than I do to the opposite gender. Hmm..I wonder why…? Although it is kind of ironic that my favorite book is The Catcher In The Rye. Well, I’m sure that once I finish the Gemma Doyle trilogy that my current favorite book status will change. Although yes, I love Holden and “old Phoebe.”

Hmm…I should probably be upstairs studying for the Earth Science and Geometry tests that my teachers happened to schedule on the same exact day. Both are really big tests, and they are two of my weakest subjects. Yes, I should probably be studying. Oh well…

If I keep putting everything off, I will be all set and be on my way to play rehearsal. After play rehearsal, I can come home and do some reading or brush up on some blue shift or the different phases of the moon. I could, but there is some sort of gravitational pull (ha!) that lures me to the computer and my blog whenever I get home. When I get home tonight, I will say “meh…I have a study hall in the morning – I’ll just take care of everything then.” When first period study hall arrives tomorrow, I will be busy knitting – my homework and my study packets all put away, safe, sound, and forgotten.

So, though I should be reading…and I should have ran today…and I probably should have paid more attention in Geometry so I won’t fail miserably on Wednesday, I would much rather write. Procrastination is my weapon of choice. Watch me stay up all night the night before something is due and then kill you with it in the morning. Sure, I procrastinate up the wazoo, but I always manage to get it done…eventually.

Maybe I’ll run tomorrow…or the next day…or the next day…or the next day…or the next day…well, you get the idea.

One thought on “Should have, would have, could have, but did not

  • Don’t feel bad I feel like that is my life story! I always say I should run. And it always happens less then it should. Oh well. ha all you need to know about the moon is waxing and waning, right? Lol and it has the consistency of a milkshake. hey don’t call me crazy thats what I was taught! Of course I had Spiegel as a freshmen so what do i know. Ha ok maybe thats why I got a 79 on the regents, but we’re not gonna worry about that.

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