I got my daily dosage of Gregory House yesterday. I had just headed upstairs to have a playdate with Huck Finn when my mother called me down saying: “Emily! HOUSE IS ON!!!” Instantly, Huck was thrown aside, and I rushed downstairs to see my good friend Mr. House.

No, I have not been a fan of this show for long…maybe about a month, I’d say. I entered the family room one night and began watching it with my mom, and both of us have been hooked to it ever since. We actually watched the whole eight hour marathon this past Sunday. Well, except when we left the room whenever an episode showed up that we’d already seen. That only happened twice.

There is just something about House that I absolutely love. He’s miserable, but hilarious at the same time. I remember him playing one of the bad guys in 101 Dalmatians, and I’m pretty sure he was the dad in Stuart Little. He reminds me of my older brother Jordan. Yes, their heads are shaped the same, but Jordan also mumbles a lot just like House does.

If all else fails to make me crack a smile, I know that when I watch House, Hugh Laurie will paint a smile onto my face.

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