Play progress: day four

I stayed on the computer until nearly eleven o’clock last night and got as much done as I could. The character that is the whole meaning of the play has finally made her entrance – her very wet and muddy entrance, you might say. I know what I need to do, I just do not know how to do it.

I am nearing the middle of the third page, and I am actually having a lot of fun. Instead of buckling down and forcing myself to just write, I let ideas come to me, then I sit down at the computer and type out my ideas. I have my four page paper filled up with clichés at my side, MySpace and Facebook open should I need to check them quickly in-between random spurts of ideas, iTunes open with the Suite From Forrest Gump, the Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley, and Whisperings piano radio playing to give my thoughts courage to come forth and introduce themselves, and I have the definition of cliché ready and open on the computer should I need to give it a quick glance. I am ready. Bring it on. 

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