Swiiiiiing down chariot, God will make a way

Yesterday was a long long day. The night before (Friday night) I was supposed to go see the new Underworld movie (SQUEE!), but I ended up not going for I desperately needed rest. My brother didn’t go either – he was who I was to go with. Instead of going to the movies on Friday, I watched the tube with my bro and daddy and then at about 10:00 I started stressing about what I needed to wear and do for All County tryouts the next day. Not only did I have to make sure I had sight singing down, but I also had to improve my appearance a bit.

I have short, unruly, crazy, curly hair that is kind of red with my brown roots growing in (which I want back – desperately). I like it when it’s all crazy – I think it looks awesome. I have stopped straightening my bangs in the morning – I like the crazy curliness that they hold. So, I settled that I would wear it like I do almost everyday – insanely curly. What I did do was pluck my eyebrows to perfection, got rid of any blackheads on my face (it’s really a miracle – just wet up some baking soda with water, put it wherever the blackheads are, let it dry and rinse it off – it works almost every time), set out an outfit that really wasn’t me (I dress funky and punky – not stylish and, well, normal), set out jewelry I never wear (a cross my mother gave me, a bracelet with all of these God-related charms on it, and a glittery stretchy bracelet) and went to bed with a salad I prepared sitting in the fridge for the next day.

I woke up, double-checked a million times to make sure I had everything I needed (my knitting, iPod, camera, music, book, lunch, snacks, lotion, pencils, pens – pretty much everything in my room but the kitchen sink…though I don’t have one of those in my room…hmm…) and went out the door wearing black pants, a black tank top with a white polo over it, my mother’s multi-colored flats, and underneath it all, a pair of awesome knee-high socks. Hehe. At least I had a part of me that was myself.

The first thing I did when I got on the bus was take out pink nail polish (a soft pink that I would normally never wear) and had Christian hold the bottle while I applied the babyish pink to my nails. Yes, I know, I have fierce skills. Taylor and I sang Beatles songs, until we heard Mr. Lerew say something. I couldn’t tell whether or not he was talking to us (he had his shades on haha), but it turned out that he was. We took it up an octave. I took Taylor’s word for it. It seems I am hard of hearing and could not hear a single word he said.

We got there, I rushed upstairs to do sight singing, and was relieved to have achieved a ten though I made a teensy weensy mistake. I went back downstairs to our quartet room with a smile shining on my face. I was so happy.

My quartet came and went, and I was a bit nervous, but I pulled through with nearly airborne colors, and received a rather nice score of 99. With 100 being the best, I think I did rather well ^_^. Now, I must wait to see whether or not I made the All County chorus. For all I know, there could have been a million other Alto IIs that got a better score than I did. I don’t know – I was rather pleased with myself. I was sure I would mess up the sight reading, but I made it through.

The play came after – we got back to the school by 4:30, so I just stayed down there until 5:00 which was the call for everyone to arrive and get ready for the play. The play went quite well too – and the crowd was laughing their heads off.

I am proud of myself for my accomplishments yesterday. Months of All County practice and play practice paid off. Now today we do the play all over again for the last time. At least I got to sleep in a little more today. :]

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