No, Miley. I don’t ever wish to be a “Fly On The Wall”

I feel like ranting. Hope you’re ready for this.

I just viewed Miley Cyrus’s video for “Fly On The Wall.” Now, I didn’t mean to watch it, I was perfectly happy with the 3OH!3 video that was before it, but I cannot control the playlist on Playlist. Though I wish I could, sadly I cannot.

She is so annoying. I hate all of these pop artists that think they are hot shit and stuff. They think that absolutely everyone loves them, even though quite a few people obviously don’t. Another example is Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” Now, I respect Beyonce more than Miley, but the whole “I could have another you in a minute” really cheesed me off. Yes, Beyonce, now we know that you are a whore and like it. Good for you! Now shut up.

Anyway, back to Miley.

It just feels like the perfect time to rant about her again. Remember my post from over the summer? Ha… well, here’s more.

I didn’t mind her when she first appeared out of nowhere. I watched Hannah Montana every once in awhile and kind of liked it. After some time, she definitely didn’t grow on me. SpongeBob did, but she didn’t. After the whole Vanity Fair fiasco all I remember thinking is “ew.” I never was a fan of hers, but after the magazine thing, I didn’t care for her at all. Here she is, this role model on Disney Channel for all of these young kids that love and adore her, and then she has to do something like that. Gross.

Her voice is awful, I don’t think she’s that pretty, and her chipmunk teeth annoy the hell out of me. The part in the music video when the “paparazzis” start dancing really got to me. She’s just standing there with her mouth part way open and her teeth sticking out. Very attractive. She’s obviously trying to break free of “cute little Miley” and trying to be “bad ass Miley.” It’s not working. All of these Disney people seem to think they have to prove that they aren’t as “goody goody” as they seem. It’s starting to get a little annoying, to tell you the truth.

I feel bad for all of the young kids that look up to this Miley character. Pretty soon they’ll be wearing really tight jeans and throwing their hair about in an attempt to be like Miley, who tries to be sexy. She’s a little older than I am, but she is acting like she’s in her twenties. If being a “Fly On The Wall” means having to listen to stupid gossip and hair products and clothes and shoes, well, I hope they see me and swat me. Or…I could buzz around her head and annoy the hell out of her. Yes, that sounds much better. In the meantime, I’ll stick with only ONE “Fly On The Wall.” Instead of watching Miley’s horrible video, go read the book Fly On The Wall by e. lockhart. It’s far better than any song Miley will ever sing. (Attempt to sing…)

3 thoughts on “No, Miley. I don’t ever wish to be a “Fly On The Wall”

  • I love reading rants, escpecially this one. I could not agree more about her.
    When I see her photos in magazine’s she’s always trying to pull this Keira Knightly pout thing and she ends up looking like and effing idiot! No one can immitate the famous “Keira Knightly pout”. Ha-ha!! I don’t believe Miley is so innocent anymore, she has a 20 year old, underweard model, boyfriend. Ew.

    — Nixie

  • mmahaha, i love you!!
    here’s another song for you- Fly on the Wall….t.A.T.u.
    dirtyish lyrics, nothing too outta the lyrics.
    but when you really think about it, t.A.T.u. is really pretty pointless… i mean, yea, i love them, but, all they do is repeat the chorus…making the songs very easy to memerize!<3

    Not gonna get us, not gonna get us!
    Malchik Gay Malchik Gay!
    All the things she said all the things she said running through my head running through my head.

    okay i’m done for serious

  • so then i checked a couple of your other posts and got a surprise :: so for what it’s worth …

    just looking at 4 of the Disney alumni – Britney, Justin, Christina and Miley – there seems some enormous talent, which i’ll just skim through

    Britney totally liberated evey female pop singer who came after her, with a combination of great songs, spectacular stage shows and a terrific combination of choreography and power in videos and appearances :: she proved to be far more than the cute Disney kid and – yes – had some problems, but just look at the huge appeal and popularity of her comeback :: so i don’t think the millions who love her are wrong

    Justin has proved to be not only a great singer but a great collaborator, songwriter, producer and inspiration

    Christina Aguilera is a wonderful singer and with one of the most exciting ranges of scale and tone :: when she growls it sends shivers right up my spine :: and when she sings live there are few who can match the quality (especially most male singers, by the way, which is another reason i love female-fronted bands)

    Miley has grown and flourished in the past year and one area of particular interest is she writes and co-writes many of her songs :: and her long-term goal is to be a respected songwriter :: as to “being bad” that is just the media trying to find someone else to knock and put down

    what these artists do is sing, write, perform and represent in true pop spirit :: in other words, making and delivering music that is enormously popular :: and that is the most competitive and brutal industry in the world, i offer them respect and praise for the joy they bring

    :: even though i still have female-fronted metal as my true love ::

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