I don’t lust after the big-time movie or pop stars. It’s not like I have a giant poster of Brad Pitt in my room. (I never said I didn’t have a shrine devoted to him.) I have never seen the point in “loving” someone when they don’t even know you exist. Stop wasting time and get out in the real world and meet a REAL guy.

There are only a few semi-famous men that I have drooled over. Oh sure, there’s that guy on TV every once in awhile and you say, “oh, he’s cute,” but you never bother looking up their name. This is different. I prefer the older men: thus Hugh Laurie and Hugh Jackman. The two Hughs. *drools*

I have been in “love” with Hugh Jackman ever since I saw the first X-Men movie years and years ago. Wolverine… *sigh*. The scene where we are first introduced to him and he doesn’t have his shirt on – it’s magnificent. Wolverine was never my favorite X-Men until I saw Hugh play the part. He’s my favorite actor in all of the movies. I absolutely “love” him.

Then there’s Hugh Laurie. I remember watching him as the bad guy in 101 Dalmatians, and of course I didn’t like him! I wanted the puppies to win against the bad men and Cruella. But oh, now that I’ve seen him on House…phew! I don’t care if he’s ancient compared to me, he’s handsome as hell, and a great actor on top of that.

I don’t profess my love for them unless I see them on TV or in a magazine or something. I don’t have posters of them in my room (though my friend drew me a picture of Jackman for me… *drools*) but that doesn’t mean I am not a fan. I don’t worship the ground they walk on and wish to purchase one of their used napkins off of Ebay. I’m not creepy like that. They’re attractive, I like them, they don’t have to like me, I’ll just stay content admiring from afar.

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