You be you, I’ll be me

I can see through people. Not many people have this ability, but I certainly do. When people lie, I can tell. When people cover something up, I can tell there’s something more. When someone only pretends to like me, I can tell. When people are fake, it makes me sad. When people copy what I do and call it their own, it depresses me a little. What? Can they not come up with something on their own? If you feel that you need to lie, that’s okay with me. If you don’t mention a major detail of a story, fine, I won’t pry. Go ahead and keep pretending to like me. As long as it avoids stupid drama I’m fine. If talking about me keeps you entertained, that’s okay with me. If you feel the need to hide yourself and put up a false front, okay. I’ll be me, you be not you. It’s when someone copies me that really gets to me. I don’t care if it’s supposed to be flattering – it honestly gets very annoying. Be you, I’ll be me. Get your own ideas, create your own style…and leave me be. I’ve accepted that original thoughts are next to impossible (the world is so full of people – it is only to be assumed that someone has thought of something before me), but my style; my original way of life; the way I go about my business has to be my own. You be you (unless you’re fake), and I’ll be me. Subtract original thoughts, but add in a lot of confidence. Confidence is what I thrive on. To be like me you must have confidence. Well, do you?

2 thoughts on “You be you, I’ll be me

  • Wait.. so you’re saying you hate it when people copy you… and then say that you’re confident, and other people should be, too? I’m confused, dude. Haha.

  • That was really good. I hate it when people copy me!!! Because there is one bitch in this school that is copying me!!! Taylor Rasey, I don’t really know her, and I don’t really like her I’m sorry, but its true. I have had many parkly sweet western belt for over a year now, and I stand out with it and I think a lot of people kind of recognize me in a way for it good or bad. i really don’t care because I love it!!! 🙂 I want another one! I’ve evn inspired Hallie to wear hers! Now thats the only belts she wears to school all because I brought out the confidence in her. If its one thing I love doing in life it is inspiring other people to do what they want, love and just be themselves to be happy.
    Oh and I hate when people talk about me behind my back!! I know they do it! And I’m not a bad person to even mention behind my back! Atleast not that I’m aware of. But I know some of my “friends” talk about me and I’m prettty sure those stupid freshmen girls in my one studyhall! Wow they need to learn to respect seniors! Where has the respect gone in our school! When I was a feshmen, you kept your mouth shut or you got bitched at. I guess I’m too nice to bitch at anyone which I consider a good thing and they should consider lucky. But anyways this whole Stevie thing I’m sure has brought about more stir in there little lives for them to talk about me. Do they not think I don’t see them look at me or are they so rude that they just don’t care. I am kind of leaning towards the second. But really!? Ugh that frustrates me. I don’t mean to say I’m better then them because I am most definatley not like that, but come on!! Leave me alone, find something else to talk about in your life.
    Lol Kelcie Out- ha a like that Em

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