The organ sings that well-known tune

as soon as she enters the room.

Clasping her daddy’s arm so tight

she looks at everyone but the groom.

The grass tickles her bare feet

as she walks down the aisle to meet

her bright future and her destiny,

her path paved with dirt, grass, and defeat.

The onlookers smile their smiles –

making her long to turn and run for miles

she plasters one on her face

as she walks down a million aisles.

A vision in white and eyes of green

like nothing they’ve ever seen

is let go by her loving father

still innocent and completely clean.

There he stands 3 feet away

together, they repeat what there is to say,

the kiss is brief, but meets applause,

forever in each others’ lives they plan to stay.

Tears are dabbed at by family

friends congratulate enthusiastically

it’s too late to take it back,

bound are they, in holy matrimony.


12:38 AM


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