Fall down the stairs with Tilly (NeXt article)

Those out there who are searching for something “different” to listen to should consider Tilly and the Wall. Maybe you recognize this name from Leo Lionni’s children’s book, “Tillie and the Wall,” but let me assure you, this Tilly is not the little mouse you may have read about. Though drums occasionally set the beat for this band, more often than not, Jamie Pressnall tap-dances it. Yeah, you read correctly; she tap dances.

Instead of cymbal crashes or loud pounds on a bass drum, Pressnall’s beautiful and precise steps accompany the voices and instruments of the other band members. Listen to “Too Excited” where it seems the title of the song is perfectly suited to Jamie’s enthusiastic opening. The band’s lyrics range from sweet to harsh. There’s a huge difference in the mood when going from “Lost Girls” or “Let It Rain” to either “Pot Kettle Black” or “Too Excited.” Listen to “Chandelier Lake” and taste their interesting choice of instruments along with sweet lyrics. Then pop in “Rainbows In The Dark” to experience the truth in their lyrics.

Usually just Kianna Alarid and Neely Jenkins sing along with Jamie’s tap dancing, but every once in awhile, Pressnall’s husband Derek has something to say (“Let It Rain” and “Alligator Skin”). Check out their albums “Bottoms of Barrels,” “Wild Like Children,” and “O” and have a musical journey with Tilly and the Wall.

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