Emily’s best week ever

I’m having the best week a girl could ever ask for. Monday may or may not have been the greatest day of my life (so far). Sure, I have a gigantic bruise on my upper thigh, but you know what? It was completely worth it. He and I are back together, and it’s already better than it was before.

Tuesday was like a new beginning. The slate was cleaned and we were left to write upon it in any color we wished.

Wednesday I became a celebrity. My article was read by anybody and everybody. I saw copies of it hanging around everywhere in the school. I got home from school that day and discovered that my Facebook page was flooded with messages and comments from people who had read the story and were congratulating me on a job well done. My mother’s friend had called me at seven AM that morning to congratulate me, and then my cousin left me a message later on. My brother’s college professor emailed me to tell me to “keep ’em coming,” and my mother’s college friends passed the article around in her class today. The editor of NeXt informed me that my story was one of the top viewed stories that day. All I can say is “wow….”

Thursday, I was alone all day. All I had was an old necklace with two hearts interlocking to keep me company throughout the day. That was lonely. Then we had a Track meet that was supposed to just be a blow-off meet. I ran the 4X800 and the 400 – and succeeded in both though I was barely trying. I had him over to hang out, and we had a great time.

Today? Well, I had lots of things to laugh about today. All of my classes were really fun. I took a Geometry test that I felt good about, so that was all right. Then our Track invitational of the week came in. For the 4X800 I ran a split of 2:28 and handed off the baton to our second runner and passed the lead onto her – we went on to claim second place. I was feeling awesome for the 1500 and captured a win with a time of 5:04 (not my best, but I felt great), and then narrowly (and I mean it when I say narrowly) missed first in the open 800 with a 2:29 or something like that. I hung out with my friend from a different school, walked to and from my brother’s baseball game, and felt awesome. I had a great day.

Tomorrow is prom. I’m not going with my newly reinstated boyfriend, but it’s going to be fun anyway. I’m really excited. Which reminds me, I should probably get off and do what I need to do before tomorrow arrives in thirteen minutes.

I had a great week, tomorrow and Sunday will top it off.

One thought on “Emily’s best week ever

  • I’m glad you had a great week. I hope Sunday did top it all off (it did for me). Maybe next week will be even better 🙂

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