I’m partial to lycans

I’ve seen the Underworld movies too many times to even count. Over the years, Kate Beckinsale has become a hero of mine. Not many women can kick ass in a skin-tight leather suit – thus, she’s one of my heroes. When I found out that they were coming out with a prequel, I was a little apprehensive. No Kate Beckinsale? C’mon! How could they possibly do this to me? Well, they did. And you know what? It was still effin’ awesome.

We don’t go to the movie theaters very often, so I knew that I would never have a chance to see the new movie in theaters (just like how I know I won’t see the Wolverine movie until I can get my hands on the DVD). So, I have been waiting for the movie to come out on DVD. Adam bought it yesterday, and finally (FINALLY!) we watched it tonight.

Wow. WOW! I’ve always been partial to the lycans more than the vampires, and this movie just confirmed my love for them. In the first movie, Lucian became my hero. For some odd reason, I fell in love with him. In the second movie when they revealed hints of his troubled past, my love grew deeper. Now that I know the whole story, he’s like a Gawd to me. Sure, I liked Michael too, but Lucian always remained my favorite.

Along with confirming my hate for the vampires, this movie set my hate for Viktor in stone. What kind of father burns his daughter alive? (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s only fictional…but still.) I remember being thrilled when Selene sliced his head in half in Underworld: Evolution, and now I have even more reason to enjoy that killing.

There was no Kate Beckinsale (well, barely any). So what? It was still enjoyable for me. And I still love Lucian.

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