Happy Tuesday!

A weight has been lifted (literally – see last full paragraph). I can finally think freely and openly without the Anthology clouding over my cluttered mind. It feels great.

I would be able to enjoy this more if my sleepiness wasn’t dominating my entire being. Though I was more prepared than any of my classmates, I ended up staying up until about 1:30 this morning working on it feverishly. I had everything typed out, but you know me – Miss Overachiever. Being the little miss overachiever that I am, I stayed up for three extra hours just to insert pictures for some extra credit. Sure, some were necessary, but I’ll admit that I might have gone a wee bit overboard.

But just a wee bit.

Now I just want to sleep. I opened the window next to me, so I have a nice breeze cooling my overheated body, but I just need to lie down, curl up, and take a nap. Why did we waste time in Kindergarten with nap time? I think high schoolers need it now more than ever.

I’ve lost weight, so the jeans I grabbed this morning on a whim are, of course, the ones that seem to not be able to hug my body snugly anymore. What size am I supposed to go down to now? Triple zero? The ones I’m wearing right now are double zero and they’re too big. I’ll either have to gain my weight back, or buy myself a belt. Choice two is sounding great right now.

Lovely. Now that I have too much time on my hands (*clap clap*) it’s raining out. Happy Tuesday, Emily! *groans*

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