I’m So Sick

I can’t think of anything to write… and this inability to think of anything is giving me something to write and think about. I like this… I’m going to keep going.

Last night was the “farewell seniors” chorus concert. To be perfectly honest, I cannot wait until they are all gone. Sure, I’ll miss a few, but I feel absolutely no remorse for the majority of them. Most of them are off to some community college somewhere where they can embark on thirteenth grade. Whooo. Congratulations. Some people were crying while we were singing the farewell song. I was rolling my eyes. It’s not like they’re dying. C’mon – give it a rest. I hope we don’t do the farewell thing for my last chorus concert. That’s just overrated.

My head has been pounding lately with meaningless knowledge. I don’t care about the sediments that make a rock. All I need to know is that rocks exist – I’m not going to ask why or how they got here. I don’t think New York State should ask me this question. I don’t think New York State should ask me many things. Like how to find the measure of segment AC after giving me only the measure of AB and DB. Where is this going to take me in my aspiration to become a well-known journalist? Nowhere. Exactly. As for Global history – it’s in the past. Let’s just forget about it, shall we? If New York State can’t even spell Touissant L’Ouverture’s name the same way on every exam they pass out, why should I even have to learn about him? Sounds pointless to me. If the people that make me take these pointless examinations can’t even spell his name right then he must not have been worth learning about, correct? Ugh…it’s frustrating.

I’m sick of school. I’m sick of people. I’m sick of the people in school. I’m sick of the way people act in school. I’m sick of improper etiquette at chorus concerts and bad manners. I just want summer to come so that I can remain in my own little bubble for three months. I can choose who I want to see and avoid future annoyances. Only 8 more full days of school left!

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