The Shit

You’re the shit in every way

because you can get high everyday.

Leave life behind for a minute,

go throw your shitty life away.

Talk shit about who you’re jealous of,

and in-between, take a puff,

buy it, load it, smoke it, leave it;

you’re a child no parent could love.

You’re a druggie, a stoner, a piece of shit,

the munchies attacked – no clothes will fit.

I’d give you this poem to let you know

but you’d just end up smoking it.

You ARE shit in every way,

because you can spend money everyday

on pot to smoke to feed your lungs,

I laugh as you throw your life away.




12:54 AM

One thought on “The Shit

  • I absolutely love you. :] Normally I take the viewpoint, do what you want as long as it’s not hurting anyone, live and let live, you know? But lately I’ve just been annoyed with so many people involved with drugs that will permanently damage them. I’m just sick of it, and it was nice to read this and know I’m not the only one who gets irritated from time to time.

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