The “Roaring” Promenade

Prom. I attended the Junior Prom this year, but now I have my own to think about for next year. I think that prom is an overrated drawn-out thing that shouldn’t have been made into such a big deal. I know girls that spend hundreds of dollars on a stupid prom dress that they will only wear once. All prom is is a dance. A dance where fancy dresses and tuxes seem to be absolutely essential. The prom court is just a popularity contest. Honestly, it’s not much different than its sister Homecoming.

I want my Junior Prom to be a recreation of the “Roarin'” Twenties. This means short flapper dresses, a jazz band, and dances consisting of the Foxtrot, waltz, tango, the Charleston and the Lindy Hop. All of this would take place where else but in our high school gymnasium where prom is supposed to be rather than having it at some fancy-ass resort that costs tons of money. Let’s put aside the money that could be spent on prom and put it towards our Senior trip so nobody will have to open up their wallets. Let’s eliminate the unnecessary limousine costs and have our dance right across from the place where coronation takes place. Let’s go back to how it was in the good ol’ days.

All I want is to walk in in a cute little short flapper dress (sparkly but not too sparkly and outrageous) with my boyfriend on my arm, hear the band strike up their saxophones and trumpets and have a grand time. (Holden Caulfield would kill me for that “grand” remark.) The gym won’t be recognizable, the bar could be transformed into a speakeasy, and it will be so corny that it will turn out to be a blast. None of the stupid rap crap or the preferable dance known as “grinding.” No, instead we will dance the Charleston.

This will never happen, but I can dream, right? I bet my dream for prom is much different than the average teenage girl’s. But hey, we’re in a recession, it’s time to be practical.

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