Floating shopping lists

I honestly could not tell you the last time I viewed an episode of SpongeBob or Jimmy Neutron or Fairly Oddparents. These cartoons that used to provide me with so much laughter have been left behind in the dust of my recently busy weeks.

I don’t care. I’m fifteen years old (close to sixteen!) and I adore cartoons. I don’t think this will ever stop. There’s so much adult humor involved in these cartoons that it’s amazing that children even get enjoyment out of them.

I don’t exactly know what’s up with me lately though. Every time I have the TV remote in my possession, I always find something else to watch (which isn’t very often – since I don’t have the remote in my grasp often and I have rarely spent time watching TV lately).  I’ll see that House is on on USA or find a live concert of Styx or something and just have to watch that before I even check to see what is on on Nickelodeon.

Still, even in these weeks where I have been “deprived” of cartoonage, I have the favorite parts of those cartoons I love that still hang around with me.

SpongeBob: “Ahhhh! A FLOATING SHOPPING LIST!” (Eggs, Milk, Bread) and

Cosmo: “Here I come – Mr. Fairy Universe!”

These favorite lines EVER from my favorite cartoons make me laugh whenever I even think about them. Thank Gawd for Mr. Fairy Universe and those gosh darn floating shopping lists.

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