And I’m disgusted

Everybody annoys me. People, as a whole, annoy me. On Friday my mother and I were running some necessary errands. I didn’t feel like getting out of the car for one of the stores she entered, so I sat and people-watched. People disgust me.

Many of these people were obviously doing some last-minute shopping for their Independence Day shindigs. Nearly every person I saw emerging from the store were overweight. It angered me. Here these people were, coming out of the store laden with huge bags of food; food they could all devour while sitting around a fire enjoying a beer or two. Some of these people didn’t need anymore food to enter their bodies. Then a mental image entered my mind and made me laugh-out-loud. All I could see were these overweight people out in the wilderness employing their instincts to help catch some meat to feed their families. With the hunt for the necessary food came exercise; it’s a win-win situation. Too bad that won’t ever be the way things are ever again.

People that are overweight disgust me. Especially the people that are overweight and complain about their current state of health. They can definitely do something about it, but instead they all sit in front of the TV or in front of the computer (much like I am doing now). The difference between them and me is that I feel awful after sitting at the computer for an hour. I know that my body should be up and doing something. Overweight and virtually obese people can’t seem to feel this.

As I was sitting there and people-watching, I became even more disgusted. A lady and her husband(?) left the store. They went over to their car with the cart to unload what they had purchased. The man got in the driver’s seat, and the woman came back to the front of the store to return the cart. Instead of going all the way to the cart corral, she stopped in front of the doors and left it there. As she was walking away, the cart (being on a slanted slab of concrete) started moving, and before she even knew what was going on it traveled all the way to the back of the parking lot and slammed into a Jeep that was parked there. She hurriedly got the cart, put it all the way into the corral this time, and then joined her husband(?) in their vehicle. I watched them talk for a little while, and just when I thought they were going to get out of their car and leave a note on the Jeep explaining what happened, the man started the engine and off they went.

People have no class, they don’t know when to stop eating, college students need to learn how to spell and use punctuation properly, people need to stop overusing the last letter of words and using semi-colons up the wazoo and parents need to learn how to control their children. There, now I have that off of my chest.

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