Dear old friends,

Yep, that’s what you are, old. You’re not the shiny new car with that new car smell. You’re the old rustmobile that needs several air fresheners to keep the air inside bearable to even breathe in. What’s my problem, exactly? The fact that you’re old. Now I’m ready for some shiny new friends that won’t be stupid like you.

When I kissed the last person I kissed, I was completely sober. Were you for yours? Do you even know who you kissed? Were you certain that it was a person of the gender opposite you? Do you know how completely stupid you probably act and sound when you have vile substances in your body? Probably not. So, why do you insist on continuing? Since you most likely do not have an answer that meets my high standards for any of these questions, I would like to say adieu to you.

I feel sorry for you. I’m sorry that you think you need alcohol in your body to have fun. I’m sorry that that has become the only way you can ever have any fun. I’m not planning on inviting you to anymore of my movie nights or anything I have with friends in the future. There won’t be any alcohol involved, so you probably won’t want to come anyway. I suppose I could slip some beer into the Jell-O to please you, but that’s not me. I’m sorry that that’s you.

I have morals. I’m not about to fuck myself over for life because I got drunk one night. One mistake is all it takes. I hope you have fun washing your beer-stained clothes the next morning and attempting to hide the fun you’re having from your parents. Sounds like a bitchin’ time. I’m sorry that I don’t feel right being a part of it. I’ll have fun drinking when I’m at or close to the right age. And when that time comes, I’m sure I’ll want something more sophisticated in my body. No beer for me. I don’t need to be drunk to have a fun time with my “friends.” Have fun at those parties in the future. I won’t be around to “enjoy” them with you. I’m choosing not to. And yeah, I may be a stick in the mud, but it’s because I know what I want. Maybe you should figure out what you want. The next time you’re wandering around drunk and stupid, I’ll be sober enjoying the company of a good book or my boyfriend. Sounds like a hell of a lot more fun than what you’re doing.



8 thoughts on “Dear old friends,

  • exactly who are you referring to in this one ? a lot of people this year have experienced the less innocent side of life… are you going to denounce and discard all of them?

    • All of the people that are my friends that I’ve heard stupid things about.
      I got pissed and I ranted. Don’t kill me for expressing my opinion.
      Yeah, and in my opinion they are rushing it. That’s just me.

  • haha i gotta say, your opinion is merciless. that’s why i comment, because i like your writing and it’s just so critical… i get cranky or laugh when i read it, depending (in this case i did both). point is, i always have a strong reaction to it either way.
    but i guess, i’m not trying to sound like a bitch, but people are only young and stupid and reckless once. you make very (very) valid points but i was sitting here thinking, what the hell, is she talking about me? or almost everyone else we’ve hung out with this year? i was just a little taken aback. it’s kind of brutal when you read it and see that all of a sudden you’re not good enough to be Emily’s friend because you’ve been to a party or two.

    • Well, that’s just how I feel.
      It’s young and reckless and illegal. What’s the rush? I’ve always hated it when I have found that high schoolers drink. It’s okay when college kids drink because they are closer to the age that makes it legal for them. That is not the case with everything I’ve been hearing about my friends and what they’re doing. And it irritates me.
      But go on, have fun. I don’t really care.

  • it seems to me that Emily is getting “the beat down” for voicing her own opinion… this is not right.. i for one 100% agree with her and if you choose to drink and have fun by all means but that is not her choice… she just chooses to not want to associate with those who make these decisions..and honestly.. can you blame her?? We have been on the other side of drinking and i for one have witnessed friends both drunk and sober…. and they are totally different people… the drinker does not realize what STUPID things they do when drunk… i could go on and on if someone would like to hear about the down side to drinking if you like… but i will save that for another time…. for now, think next time you pick up a bottle… exactly how many lives do you influence each time you drink.. and better yet if parents, teachers, and family, even younger siblings, those we look up to for example mrs.ripley…. if she were to see such behavior what do you think reactions would be?? the way others view you?? trust me it all changes drastically

    i took your advice… i ranted and as you said quite well, “sue me”

  • oh and i forgot to add, the part about knowing who you last kissed…hahahahaha all i can do is laugh! certain people should think about that not to give any names….hahahaahah Emily you know who i am…call me tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • EMILLLYYY!! I enjoyed your rant, and I love you and your harsh but true words:). I liked reading the comments as well :P. It’s funny because when I read the “What would Mrs. Ripley think”-esque thing, I chortled because she was the reason that I quit chorus many moons ago :P. I’m not bashing comments made by your friend ‘anonoymus’, I personally just do not like her.

    Here is my explanation to you emsy my love, for why I like to make disappointing decisions:
    I’m tired of trying to please everyone; teachers, family, all that jazz.
    I love that you care about what your friends are doing and that you don’t want them taking the wrong path…which I know is wrong.
    I, personally, have never been drunk. With alcohol, it makes me more outgoing and unafraid. I’m not talking about, hey , I think I’m gonna try to fly off this two story building sort of “bravery(?)”. I am not afraid to show people who I am when I drink. I don’t close people out, I am easier to talk to and I will tell people what I think, and not have to lie to risk people getting close.
    I know that it is wrong, and I shouldn’t have to rely on drinking and alcohol to make me more outgoing, I’m not trying to make an excuse. At this point in my life, where I am confused about….well everything, I make the decision to drink because that is one thing that I can control. I control how much I drink. I control how I let other people around me effect me…when I see them drunkenly falling all over the floor, I decide that that isn’t for me, and that I have had enough.

    I’m glad that you still hang out with me even though I party..sometimes. Just always know that I do always take you into consideration, you are in my head, saying “Caitie you stupid fuck, set that down” –i paraphrased:P

    I LOVE YOU!!!

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