The only birdie left

I guess I never thought that this part of my life would actually come. I spent so much time looking forward to it yet dreading it at the same time that I didn’t even notice when it actually arrived.

We recently dropped my littlest big brother off at the college where he will spend the next four years of his life. I’m the only bird left in the nest.

I feel sort of abandoned. Alone, scared, confused. I get irritated with my parents very easily now because all of their attention is on me. It’s certainly not a bad thing, but at times it’s not the best thing either. When you go up the stairs in my house, you are faced with a long hallway. Take a right and you’ve got my parents’ and my room along with my daddy’s office. This section is still thriving and full of life. Take a left instead, and you are faced with three empty bedrooms and a bathroom. This is the dead end of the upstairs hallway.

That bathroom is the only good thing that has come out of all this. We recently painted the walls a beautiful brown and got light blue and brown polka-dotted towels. The rest of the bathroom is accented by that beautiful light blue color. It is now all mine. After years of sharing with my brothers, then my parents, then my brothers again, I finally have a bathroom all to myself. The day we moved Adam out, we arrived home and I immediately got crackin’ on that bathroom. I had to clean and scour and scrub all of the yucky boy germs out of it. The vanity now gleams, the cabinet immediately to the right when you walk in is stocked with an extra hand towel, washcloth, toilet paper, and paper towels. On the top shelves are candles, cool-colored lanterns from my room, and an awesome blue twisty light thing that I stole from my brother Jordan’s room (shhhh!). Gone are my brothers’ little bath pouf things, instead where they were hanging I have two of mine taking up space. Gone are their empty shampoo bottles. Instead, only mind are present.

I’m sad that all of my boys are gone. Jordan’s coming back soon, but he’ll leave again, I know. In the meantime, I’m going to cherish not having to put the toilet seat down everytime I need to use the toilet.

One thought on “The only birdie left

  • At least you’ve got that one positive to look forward to. I was the first bird out of the nest… So I never got to experience the “empty house” syndrome…

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