Room of testosterone

People seriously annoy the hell out of me. I lose all hope in humanity sometimes because of stupid people. And maybe this isn’t that big of a deal, but I just feel like ranting right now.

I hate girls that have super light hair and wear super dark eyeliner. It makes them look dead. It makes them look like they have black eyes. It makes them look, well, you get my point. There are also those girls with the side part that makes it look like they have a comb-over. It covers their dead, dark eyes. They have to tilt their head to get it back into place when it falls the way IT’S SUPPOSED TO GO. I hate girls that just don’t seem to get it. It annoys me when girls wear tons and tons of makeup, and yet boys can’t seem to see that. They are obviously self-conscious about their looks, but I guess that boys just eat that shit up. I shouldn’t be concerned about this, because I have a boyfriend who adores me no matter what I look like, makeup or no makeup (usually no), but it still pisses me off. I shouldn’t care about the insecurity of every girl in this world when I am totally secure. But, I do. It’s discouraging and saddening.

I hate girls in general, I suppose. I’d much rather be in a room full of testerone than one of estrogen. I think I’d commit suicide in the estrogen one. I grew up with boys. I’m used to them. Girls are catty… and I hate them.


4 thoughts on “Room of testosterone

      • no your baching on my sister lol, it ok i tell her she wears way too much makeup anyway. and i do agree with you that girls are super annoying and all, its mainly highschool girls because they just care too much. its like the first day of school idea =]. wear a costume and show them whats really up. lol my little sister has been picking out her first outfit for around a week now, its so annoying she doesn’t understand it doesn’t matter, guys don’t do think (most guys, even though i use to care so much about what i wore).

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