All on my lonesome

There are times when I have a million different things to say to a million different people.

Today was not one of those days.

I just wanted to be left alone. Although I was sort of miserable in the math classes I’ve had for the past three years, at least there was no one to talk to or to bother me. Now, in every class I have, there is somebody to talk to. And, I feel like I have to talk to them. Sometimes, I don’t want to talk. Sometimes, I just want to sit and listen or dream on my own. All alone.

I was hoping that my study hall would have nobody that I wished to talk to. Unfortunately, I sat down and in flocked a few friends that found me and wanted to talk. So, I started talking and bashing people. Gossiping, people call it, but that makes it seem like a nice thing to do. I only do that with a certain select group of people, but I found myself saying anything to anybody. I didn’t like it, but it seemed like there was nothing else we could talk about. So, that’s what we did. All I wanted was to hide away in the library with my iPod; writing. Just writing. All alone. All on my lonesome. I also was wishing that I would have brought some poetry books to read in the library. But, I felt that I couldn’t leave them. So, I stayed put and continued bashing.

I’m going to be surrounded by people for the next nine months. I guess I’d better get used to it. At least I have Shakespeare to look forward to in the morning. That puts a smile on my face.

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