Life’s good

Because I have time to think about homework now, I actually enjoy doing it.

Yeah, you just read that. You’re not hallucinating. I enjoy doing my homework. I like learning. I feel smart when I carry my trig textbook home under my arm. I’m not rushing to get homework done the period before the class it’s due like I used to. I just feel better about everything now that I don’t have a stormcloud hanging over me every night from 6-9.

I sit next to one of my best friends in Chamber Choir, and we have fun being ourselves. It’s definitely not the teacher’s doing (in truth, I’m rather skeptical about a female choir conductor…I like males so much better). Other than us ogling over an atrocious sight EVERY DAY (because there’s this girl that doesn’t seem to know how to cover herself up – TOO MUCH hangs out) we have fun. I hate the stupid Shakespeare song we’re singing (I love Billy, but his work wasn’t meant to be sung! Iambic pentameter cannot be recreated in a song!), but the other one’s okay. I don’t enjoy it as much as I did last year (choir, that is). Hmm, I wonder why.

I’m earning decent money, writing for two newspapers and a website (I had an offer from another newspaper…but I’m not sure yet), my birthday is coming up and I finally have free time for the first fall in two years. Oh, and who knew that chemistry could be fun? I know now!

~Life’s good~

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