No more originality

Ahh, yes. It’s that time again. Here goes.

Almost all of the freshmen (girls) in my school are sluts. And, they all think that they rule the world and the school.

Every girl is “punk.” Skinny jeans, dyed hair, bangs that cover their eyes, plenty of makeup; the whole bit. It’s disgusting, but also comical at the same time. There’s no more originality anymore because everything that was once original is now the “norm.” All of the cute little dresses and leggings and tights I used to wear are the “in” style, and now I’ve run out of ideas. I need to come up with something soon. I would stop wearing skinny jeans, but, dammit, I look good in them (and I’m not exaggerating or being self-centered here). There are some people that should stop wearing them, but their mirror obviously lies to them in the morning. But, whatever. I musn’t delve further into that subject until another day.

It pisses me off but makes me laugh at the same time. These girls do, I mean. None of them ever look happy. I don’t think I’ve seen those bitches smile once. Ever. When I walk into the study hall room, they watch me as I walk by. They watch me sit down and then they resume whatever it is bitches do (which, I should know because, well, I am one sometimes). When I was a freshman I gazed up in awe at the juniors and seniors (a few of them, anyway. I actually thought most of the seniors that year were stupid because they kind of were). These bitches have no respect whatsoever. If the future of the world lies in the hands of them, we’re fucking screwed.

In general, I hate people that think they are hot shit. I hate people that act confident even though they are scared to death on the inside. I hate people that don’t respect other people.

I guess I hate people, period.

4 thoughts on “No more originality

  • Hi Bem, is Cammie from the SOS

    I just wanted to tell you, that I totally agree with you, and even though we live faaaar away from each other, things aren’t different here.
    While I was reading , I was thinking “This girl is in my head! just that she writes better”

    So keep on, I really like your blog 🙂

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