Knitting issues

Cat owners who do not have yarn just hanging around the house in random places don’t know what they’re missing.

It was cute at first. They were tiny, adorable kittens that just happened to grab a hold of my balls of yarn to play with. Seeing the yarn strewn across the floor and around furniture was adorable when we woke up and walked down the stairs to find it in the morning. It was adorable for a few months. Now, it’s just aggravating.

Yesterday, I was planning on picking up my knitting to finish a scarf for my grandma when I noticed that my yarn was gone. It was all over the living room floor. So, instead of knitting and listening to Brian Williams discuss current issues, during that half hour between 6:30 and 7:00 I was sitting on the living room couch unwinding and untying the mess of yarn in my hands. I walked into the family room just in time to hear Brian tell viewers good night and see you tomorrow. It was 6:58. I told myself I would find a box to put my yarn in just like how I had found a place to put all of my finished scarves so Weezie couldn’t tear downstairs with one of them in her mouth. I put it off.

This morning, I woke up to find a sea of orange yarn wrapped around the stairway and all the way around to the living room.

I really need to get me that box.

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