Thanks, Yanks!

I knew today was going to be a great day the moment it turned 12:00 AM. The Yankees had just won the world series and then my birthday began. I went to bed but ended up reading until about 12:30.

Pandora played “Free Fallin'” covered by John Mayer to wake me up this morning. I was about to hit snooze when I remembered another one of the reasons why today was going to be so great. I was due to have the front-page story in The Buffalo News NeXt. My heart rate sped up a bit as I lay there listening to John Mayer with the sudden adrenaline of a reason to wake up pumping through my veins.

I clamored down the stairs and found my mom reading my story. I had the entire front page! Not only was it plastered by my writing, but by one of my pictures that I had taken of my friend for the story. There is nothing quite like seeing your byline. It perks me up every time.

I got to school wearing a special birthday outfit that was accompanied by lime green Converse-esque socks that two of my best friends (we all coincidentally share the same birthday) and I went out to get the night before. I am usually a little late to school, and today was no exception. But, this time, while I was walking up the sidewalk to the door, I heard Taylor say “Oh, come on already, Em!” I smiled and hurried to the door, but before I reached it, my two birthday buddies rushed out and smothered me with hugs. I finally got into the building and was met by a huge group of people with my boyfriend at the head of the pack. A plethora of “Happy Birthday!” sounded and Taylor looked at Christian and said “give it to her!” Christian handed me a box, and I looked at Taylor who again added in an “open it, open it!”

Inside the box was a handmade bracelet – you know, the intricate woven kind – and I looked up at Christian and said “what is this?!?!?” And he replied, “I made it for you.” He had spent every night for about a week sitting backstage during their musical rehearsals learning how to make it and then proceeding to make it.

A smile lit up my face and I kissed him a billion times before he had to go to homeroom.It is, quite honestly, the sweetest present I have ever received. Nothing he could have purchased can top it.

It wasn’t hard to find my locker. Katie, one of my best birthday buddies, went all out decorating it with balloons and tissue paper. It wasn’t until later in the day that I discovered a card hidden in the decorations on the front (including an acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry). Another one of my best friends greeted me in homeroom with hot chocolate and Timbits and we finished our Shakespeare test while popping a doughnut hole into our mouths here and there.

Instead of having class for AP US History, we went down to the auditorium to watch a preview of our high school’s musical (the one I opted to not be involved in this year). I got to see what my boyfriend had been up to for the past two months when he couldn’t hang out with me.

Long story short, we had a short cross-country practice (due to the fact that our biggest meet of the year is TOMORROW! YIKES!) and then were set free. I got to kiss Christian goodbye a million more times before taking off to go get my Learner’s Permit.

That didn’t end up happening. We got to the DMV and they declared that we were half an hour too late. They didn’t give out Learner’s Permit tests after four o’clock.

We got to visit my brother at college (who gave me some candy) and then took off home again (after a quick stop at a gas station to get more papers so I could have more copies of my story). It was a waste, but there was definitely a reason why I didn’t get my permit today.

At home, I was greeted by a million wall posts wishing me a “Happy Birthday!” on facebook and the smell of homemade mac and cheese. I unwrapped a pair of Crocs that I have been wanting and enjoyed the cheesy noodles. No cake for me due to the fact that I have a big race tomorrow.

Now, here I am recounting my day. I don’t feel like I’m any older. Everyday I get older; today was just special. It was a great day. It started off great thanks to the Yankees. I couldn’t have asked for a better start.

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