A fantastic weekend

For the past month, I have been telling myself that the weekend I am experiencing right now could either be the best weekend of my life, or the very worst. It turned out better than I ever dreamed it could.

The obstacles I was to face this weekend seemed dark and ominously tall all throughout this week. I knew my birthday would be fun (it was my sixteenth; it had to be!), but I was dreading the thought of a Learner’s Permit test for which I had not had the time to study for. If I were to fail it, all would be lost and I would feel like such a loser. The day after my birthday was the biggest meet of the year; the meet every cross-country runner nervously looks forward to all season. I craved the thought of finishing the race and knowing that I had successfully reached my goal of making it to the state championship meet.

Well as you, the reader, very well know, the whole Learner’s Permit did not work out, and I couldn’t have prayed for a better miracle. I was disappointed at the time, sure, but then the weekend took off. I had received the check I had desperately been waiting for for two weeks that day (aka my birthday) and I could finally buy my new iPod. But, first, I had a race in my way.

My race was the last one of the day on a course I truly despise. I ran the best race of my life yesterday. I started out in the right spot and moved up from there. I finished 4th overall, though technically it was 3rd. I almost got a personal record and beat my time from last year at this same course by well over a minute. I got to the chute and screamed “I’M GOING TO STATES!” Friday was an awesome – though nerve-wracking – day. After years of narrowly missing the opportunity to go to States, I made it. And boy, was my daddy proud of me.

Today, I purchased my new iPod (and dubbed her Persephone – I decided that she was a girl) and even though I bought a new iPod, I went off and bought a case for good ol’ Pandora just so she wouldn’t get mad. I know, I’m referring to inanimate objects as if they were animate – get used to it. Right now I’m listening to a large range of music thanks to the computing power of this monster of an iPod. (Sorry, Pandy!)

I got home from the shopping charade to find another check for me to cash and then we had my family birthday party. I got the portfolio I have been wanting and can’t wait to put it together.

Oh, and I got a cell phone. No biggie for most kids, because, you know, most kids have had them since they were, like, five, but, this is a big deal for me. This will be the first cell phone ever to come into my possession. That’s right, I am now sixteen years old and still don’t own a cell phone – but, have no fear! It’s on its way.

At first, I didn’t want one. And, I still don’t want one. The fact is, it has become a necessity. You can’t deny it. When I’m all alone and don’t have  a person who owns a cell phone nearby, I’m scared shitless. Now, that won’t be a problem anymore. On Monday, we’ll order my phone (and now, I’m not getting an ENV like everyone else seems to have) and I’ll have it just in time to take it with me on the States bus so I can text my mom and tell her where I am and such. It will be the first time in my life that I will totally be reachable. It’s scary and yet comforting at the same time. I’m rather excited.

So, I’d say it has been a fantastic weekend despite my worries. Even though I said goodbye to a friend I have known all my life, the world doesn’t seem so scary anymore. I’m looking forward to the meet on Saturday. I will get to go up against New York State’s finest runners; and I’m one of them. That has yet to sink in for me. Happy Birthday to me.

Now, my birthday is officially over. The best part?

The weekend isn’t over quite yet. Hello, second morning of sleeping in.

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