Now I know my states, you see

I’m sure that most everyone learned the states and the capitals that reside in the United States of America when they were in, like, elementary school. Am I correct? I was not included in that common group. When I was in elementary school, I remember learning about Africa and Europe. Barely was the USA mentioned. This became a problem.

Because I was not familiar with the states or where they were (I couldn’t even name them all), being given a map for something in school was an advantage for some, and a deep disadvantage for me. I looked stupid when I couldn’t tell you that Oregon is below Washington, or that Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont are all squished together above and around New York. All I knew was that Canada was directly above me, Pennsylvania below me, California was on the other coast, along with Washington, and Georgia and Florida were kind of near one another.

I got addicted to Sporcle. I clicked on the US States one and found that I could barely name half of the 50 states in our country. My brother creamed me, my mother wasn’t far behind him (they could both name every single one; in order) and then my boyfriend schooled me up at school on Friday after I had only been able to cough up 30 of the 50 states.

Friday, I got home, pulled out my pink netbook, logged onto the Sporcle website and then spent hours and hours quizzing myself on the United States of America. After a couple hours, I was able to name every single state in order of where they were and considered this a huge accomplishment. Now, when my friend tells me that he’s going to Utah for the summer, I can reply with “hey, maybe you should drive through and make a quick trip to Vegas!” having full knowledge of Nevada right next door.

I still have absolutely no sense of direction, but this is improving my outlook on life. Now I can picture where the first ever National Road was laid down on the Earth from Ohio to Maryland.

Thanks to all of my elementary school teachers that didn’t find the states important enough to drill me on. Thanks to myself for having the ambition to learn them all by myself.

Now, challenge me to the Sporcle game of naming all of the states, and I can whoop your arse.

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